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 T'rung is an instrument of Giarai minority that mainly live in the provinces of Gialai, Kontum, Daklak (The central highlands of Viet Nam) as well as in some other provinces of central Vietnam.

T'rung is categorized into knocking branch of idiophonic family. It consists of strong bamboo tubes of various sizes, of which, each bamboo tube comprises two components, namely air sub-tube and sympathetic slab. The air cylinder closely cooperates with sympathetic slab in providing tubes with standard pitches, and sonorous sounds.

In the past, when playing, instrumentalist linked tubes together with 2 strings, then tied string ends on the side of high tones section around his belly while binding the other end of the strings to a tree or a rock. He then would play the instrument by knocking on the tubes with 2 short sticks. The range therefore usually consisted of 6 or 7 tones in sequence of unequal pentatonic either Si - Re#1 - Fa#1 - Sol#1 - La1 - Si1 or Do1 - Re1 - Fa1 - Sol1 - La1 - Do2. Musician would use respective set of tubes pursuant to each musical piece. Nowadays, the range of T'rung is extended up to 3 octaves, and there even exists T'rung with chromatic scale.

T'rung used to be played on the milpa land or during festival and strictly forbidden to play in houses since the Central Highland's people believed that each tube was home to a God. Those Gods would help them to protect their milpa lands and drive wild animals and birds away. Therefore, if they played T'rung in their houses, the poultry would not be able to grow up.

Today, however, T'rung is no longer a forbidden instrument, but widely played in solo performance, or in ensemble with other instruments, as well as accompanying singing.

 We have 3 kinds of T'rung, grand T'rung, medium T'rung and mini T'rung

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          Professional Student grade:$300.00 and up, plus shipment fee

          Professional Artist grade: $500.00 and up, plus shipment fee

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          Medium T'rung:

          Student grade:$200.00 and up, plus shipment fee

          Professional grade: $280.00 and up, plus shipment fee

          Mini T'rung: $20.00 and up, plus shipment fee

 CD: $15.00 each plus shipment fee

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Klon-Put is a musical instrument of wind family, slapping branch of the Xe Dang ethnic group. It consists of many hornless bamboo sections, each section is a tone. The sections of the instrument are placed on a bamboo stand from low to high. 

When performing it, girls bend down their body. They beat their bowed hands together to make the air in the section move to create sounds.

Klon-Put is a musical instrument for women only. According to the legend, in each hornless bamboo or bamboo section, the spirit of "Rice-Mother" exists. If Klon-Put is played during the planting time, the "Rice-Mother" will come and sponsor the rice storage. Therefore, if a male plays it, the Rice-Mother will be afraid and go away.

 On bright moon nights and festival days, the sound of Klon-Put vibrates lively in all hamlets of the villages thanks to the talent of the girls of the Xe Dang ethnic group.

 Price: Professional Student grade:$200.00 and up, plus shipment fee

          Professional Artist grade: $280.00 and up, plus shipment fee         

 CD: $15.00 each plus shipment fee

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 K'ny is the only fiddle of Giarai people. It is a chordophone of bow branch.

The body of K'ny is made from a bamboo tube of from 3 cm diameter to a maximum of 66cm in length. A tuning peg is found at the upper part of the body, while at the other end of body, there is a wooden pins for attaching the strings. The steel strings are attached to tuning pegs and go straight to the attachment pins. One end of the sympathetic string is closely tied to the main string near the hanging pins, while its other end is fixed after being put through the membrane which is either made of pangolin's scab or flattened buffalo horn. The bow is a hornless bamboo slab of 40 or 45 cm length and made thin at one end.

When playing, instrumentalist holds the membrane in his mouth, and stretches the sympathetic string to an appropriate length, and plays the instrument with bow that is already rubbed with Kochik's resin. The sounds of the metal string impacts on the sympathetic string consequently making membrane vibrated. Palate of the musicians mouth thus would become a resonator.

The most important reason for the magic timbres of K'ny is the simultaneous combination of instrument's sounds and musician's singing voice. K'ny therefore is called among Giarai people the singing instrument.

Changes in musician's mouth shape create overtones and stable acoustic waves, and thus results in mystical timbres. Folk artists usually use pentatonic scales. One of pentatonic scales of Giarai is Do1 - Re1 - Fa#1 - Sol1 - La1.

 Price: Professional Student grade:$100.00 and up, plus shipment fee

          Professional Artist grade: $200.00 and up, plus shipment fee         

 CD: $15.00 each plus shipment fee

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Dan Tre lac ( P'rong)

Tre Lac is a bamboo instrument of Vietnam that have keys to play as you play Piano. It look like a bamboo house so you also can use it to decorate in your house.

Price: $650.00 ,plus shipment fee        




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